#013: Breath Meditation

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

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10 minutes.

#012: Hand Awareness Meditation

By focusing awareness on the hands, we can calm the nervous system throughout the body. The fingers and palms are incredibly sensitive and there is nearly as much to explore in just the hands as there is in the whole rest of the body. It’s counter-intuitive, but it actually works. If you have an interview, presentation, or other stressful interaction coming up, bring attention to the sensation in the hands and see how the body reacts. Try it out!

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10 minutes.

#011: Heart Meditation

In today’s heart-focused meditation, we’ll start by building some awareness through the breath. As we move toward the heart, we’ll practice self-compassion, spreading warmth and gratitude through the body, and gradually work on expanding those feelings to those around us. Often we feel guilty about showing ourselves compassion, however, it is necessary to support ourselves so we can better help others.

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12 minutes.

#010: Deep Breath Meditation

In today’s practice we’ll get into some of the deeper parts of the breath, down in the lower lungs and belly. Most commonly when we observe the breath, we notice the sensations around the nose and nostrils, because it is the most obvious there. It can be informative (and fun!) to explore how the breath affects and moves the body, as well.

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11 minutes.

#009: Belly Meditation

We tend to hold a lot of tension and stress in the belly. In this practice, we’ll start to observe some of the sensations arising in the abdominal area. This observation allows us to begin to loosen some of the knots, creating space for calm and digestion. After the practice, take a moment to process what is happening in your belly, and notice if you have some intuition about where that might be coming from.

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12 minutes.