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Kickstart Your Home Meditation Practice

Kickstart Your Home Meditation Practice: A beginners guide to the theory and practice of a simple, non-religious meditation routine.

This guide lays the foundation for a straight-forward, daily meditation practice. It is designed for those with little-to-no meditation experience, however, many of the resources will help those who have tried meditation in the past, but have been unable to establish a successful routine. Meditation can provide all of us with enormous benefits, from improved concentration and reduced stressed to the cultivation of gratitude and compassion. This guide will lead you through the first steps on that path. 32 pages.

I believe strongly that everyone should have access to the benefits of meditation, so this guide is pay-what-you-want. Your purchase supports me and my writing, and I greatly appreciate whatever your budget allows. A typical price for this guide would be $10-15, about the cost of a yoga class.

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