Short List for Healthy Living

Here’s what healthy living means to me, in its most basic components:

1. Put good things in my body.

Pretty much the only things that count are water and vegetables. A good protein and some fish oil. Most other things are so-so.

2. Don’t put bad things in my body.

Sugar is the main thing I try to avoid, which includes alcohol (it has a lot of sugar in it). My body does fine with grains, and I drink too much caffeine.

3. Do some kind of intentional movement everyday.

The more the better. If I can do yoga, lift weights, and go rock climbing all in one day I feel blissed out.

4. Interact with real people more than virtual people.

Depending on work, I can’t necessarily get away from screens, but limiting social media and connecting face-to-face is crucial.

5. Get enough good sleep.

I need to be in my bed for eight hours a night most nights. Doing all the other things makes the actual ‘sleep’ part a lot easier.

6. Notice how I feel.

For me, this includes physical sensations, emotions, social and spiritual reactions, and starting to understand that those are all manifestations of the same thing. It’s harder to do this when the feelings I notice are bad, but also more important.

7. Be open and have fun.

And don’t be too strict.

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  1. Christine Graham says:

    What do you think of kambucha?
    Your list of healthy things is one of the few lists that ends with fun, and doesn’t suggest all things that are NOT fun!

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