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What It’s Like to Play in a Band

Eight months ago I joined a band in Seattle, Pocket Panda. I’ve played music most of my life and in all sorts of groups, but this was my first experience in a “rock band”. It has been a blast and has exposed me to a new and exciting scene in Seattle. BACKGROUND In terms of […]

Taking the Plunge

Last week I gave notice at my job. It was a good job in an industry I had been excited about. It paid well and had all sorts of perks like subsidized bus pass, health insurance, and unlimited free coffee and Advil. Something wasn’t working for me, though, and after a good deal of confusion […]

The Plan: Record an Album

I’ve been thinking about goals and productivity a lot lately, and I decided I need a firm commitment. So I am writing and recording an album for release by the end of the year. I’m setting this firm, measurable goal for myself, and I’m making it public to improve my chances of success. I figure, […]

Greene: The Elegant Universe

Brian Greene’s popular work on string theory, The Elegant Universe, lays out the potential “theory of everything” in understandable prose, and describes the evolution of physics that led up to its formulation. When I call the prose understandable, I mean that in a relative sense. It’s not a Hunger Games-type read, but if you’re not […]