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The Oregon Coast

I lived in Oregon for grad school, and while I was there I learned to love the Pacific and the rocky Oregon coast. Now I live in Seattle, and while Puget Sound is nice, it is no Oregon coast. A couple photos I’ve taken on the subject: Exhibit A: Vastness     Exhibit B: Rocks It may […]

Fixed Gear Riding

Since my last post about biking in a city, a lot of people have asked me why I ride a fixed gear bicycle. Isn’t it more dangerous? Doesn’t it make hills miserable? What’s the deal? Are you a hipster? I’ve been riding mostly fixed gear for about four years (with the exception of bike touring […]

What I Think About When I Do Yoga

It seems like everyone is doing yoga right now, and there are probably just about as many ways to think about yoga practice as there are people doing it. I think it’s great that it’s become a big thing, and it has certainly had a major positive influence on my life. I’ve read a number […]