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#006: Relaxation Meditation

Today’s meditation focuses on relaxing the body and the mind. Relaxation techniques can be very helpful for preparing ourselves for any type of meditation. By themselves, they allow us to gain perspective during a busy day, or feel a little bit better in the midst of stress or anxiety. Enjoy! Subscribe, share, rate or review […]

#005: Breath and Heart Meditation

A 15-minute meditation bringing the awareness to the breath, the body, and the heart. Don’t be intimidated by the slightly longer practice! If it does start to feel long, check in with the mind and the body and see where that tension, where that desire to get up and go comes from. Having a little […]

#004: Sound-Focused Meditation

Today’s meditation focuses on the sounds around us, and on starting to develop a sense of open awareness. When we observe auditory sensations, we can begin to detach judgment from our experience, and simply listen. I’m recording on the road, so apologies for the recording quality while I get the equipment dialed in! 11 minutes. […]

#003: Heart-Focused Meditation

A meditation focused on the heart, and developing gratitude. Heart-focused meditations are often referred to as “Loving-Kindness” or Metta meditations, and appear in some form in nearly all styles of meditation. They are all about cultivating compassion, gratitude, and kindness for ourselves and others. Please feel free to subscribe for future updates, or share this podcast […]

#002: Sensation-Focused Meditation

Today’s meditation uses the sensations in the body as the object of awareness. We’ll prepare for that work with some brief relaxation and breath work, which you’ll notice becoming a regular part of the practice. Observing sensations in the body is a common technique used in a variety of meditation styles, including Vipassana and Mindfulness […]