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#011: Heart Meditation

In today’s heart-focused meditation, we’ll start by building some awareness through the breath. As we move toward the heart, we’ll practice self-compassion, spreading warmth and gratitude through the body, and gradually work on expanding those feelings to those around us. Often we feel guilty about showing ourselves compassion, however, it is necessary to support ourselves […]

#010: Deep Breath Meditation

In today’s practice we’ll get into some of the deeper parts of the breath, down in the lower lungs and belly. Most commonly when we observe the breath, we notice the sensations around the nose and nostrils, because it is the most obvious there. It can be informative (and fun!) to explore how the breath […]

#009: Belly Meditation

We tend to hold a lot of tension and stress in the belly. In this practice, we’ll start to observe some of the sensations arising in the abdominal area. This observation allows us to begin to loosen some of the knots, creating space for calm and digestion. After the practice, take a moment to process […]

#008: Breath and Heart Meditation

Today’s focus will be on the breath and the heart. We’ll take some time to get settled into the body and the awareness through breath observation, then direct that awareness toward the heart to start to develop qualities of compassion and gratitude. If you find this to be helpful for you, please feel free to […]

#007: Breath Meditation

In today’s breath-focused meditation, we’ll get into the practice through some relaxation, then create a few minutes of space to start to develop a personal practice. This is meant to be approachable even if you’ve never practiced without a guide before. Often having some silence is deeply calming to the mind and body — other […]